Ohhh, look…Slew of 'Lucas Lee' Posters

I was reading Empire Online and was happy to see this little post from earlier this month. If you hadn’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World yet, calm down, yes that is Chris Evans, no he hasn’t changed his name and no, there really isn’t a slew of Chris Evans films you missed. These are fictitious posters used to advertise fictional character Lucas Lee very fictitiously in the fictional Scott Pilgrim (yup, I just used fictitious four times…I’m pretty awesome). After looking at them all they’re pretty goofy but still kinda neat. Anyway, have a look at the rest…

Evans’ role in Scott Pilgrim was brief but he was pretty damn good. The problem with 7 Evil Ex’s is that you can’t spend too much time on any of them or else the pace suffers. So his departure was lackluster but as consolation, enjoy these sweet (but formulaic) looking posters. To those of you who’ve seen it, what do you think? Personally I loved it and if you’re interested check out my review here.

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  • Addicted to FIlms

    Thrilled to Be Here channeling one of the Fast & Furious movies.

    Let’s Hope There’s a Heaven looks like one of those Nicholas Sparks movie

    The Game is Over 2 and Action Doctor is one of those Mission Impossible movies