Ohhh, Look…Green Goblin Grinds The Amazing Spider-Man's Gears

TASM 2 Goblin HeaderIf you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t mind a big reveal, the awesome shot below…wait, don’t scroll down yet…shows The Goblin (Dane DeHaan) and Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) duking it out. This awesome, yet surprisingly candid look at the action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have just spoiled some of the mystery.

Yet we all know DeHaan’s character Harry Osborn would eventually become The Goblin so it is what it is. Plus we don’t think the studio would let this good of a shot out in the open if there wasn’t a lot more good stuff coming down the pike. So far everything that’s recently come out of the Sony camp has us more and more excited to see web-head swing into action this May…ok, scroll down…

Dane DeHaan

This glorious shot comes from FindAnyFilm and was pushed out by TotalFilm., which has teamed up with Sony Pictures for Moments Worth Paying For, is an anti-piracy campaign being spearheaded by TASM2.

The next chapter in the Spidey-saga stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reprising their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey. They are joined by the plethora of sinister villains including Paul Giamatti, Jamie Foxx and even Dane DeHaan. Sony has scheduledThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 to swing into theater this Spring on May 2, 2014.