Ohhh, Look…Watch An IMAX Theater Prep for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Sometimes we humble film fans never really know what goes into putting a film we love on the big screen. No I’m not talking about the studio/director making the movie, I’m talking about the thankless people working behind the scenes in a theater so we can enjoy uninterrupted cinema. With all the advancements and paradigm shifts in film, IMAX has moved from its documentary pics to being utilized in big budget blockbusters and there’s no going back now.

The following video gives us an idea of how the 70mm IMAX projection system works…and as you’ll see in the video, 70mm is BIG! For you videophiles, this may be old news but to you down home film fans, enjoy a little technical IMAX 101 recorded at the Liberty Science Center IMAX theatre in New Jersery…

Neat huh? Still lost on how it all really works but I guess that’s why I’m glad Joseph Colombo (and other projectionists nation-wide) have their cushy jobs. We all know this but Christopher Nolan is a visionary director and also one who understands and appreciates the changes that continually happens in the film industry, especially, in this case, his insistence on filming in a non-digital format. Can’t wait to see it (and the touted 100 minutes of action) in Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises, only in theaters (and IMAX) on July 20th this Summer.


  • Sam Fragoso

    Pretty interesting to see this behind the scenes footage of an IMAX presentation. Looking forward to this film. 

    • RidgeRacer4

      With so much digital out there it’s nice to see film still holding on. Can’t wait for this,  and man, with that set up you’d think they were working on particle acceleration not showing a film:P