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[DIFF Coverage]…Red Carpet Photos

The 2012 Dallas International Film Festival is in full swing and our little Fest brings in talent and filmmakers from all walks of life. From Bond girls to Vampires to small town Texas talent, if you’re a film fan the DIFF is not to be missed! Here are some photos* of the stars who graced […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Bringing Up Bobby’ Writer/Director Famke Janssen

To Olive, Ukrainian immigrant/single mother, classic films like Bonnie & Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid aren’t just entertainment, they’re her ticket to the American Dream. So influenced by these larger than life characters Olive sets out to live the way she believes things are normally lived in America. In Bringing Up Bobby, she finds out the hard way […]

[DIFF Feature] Stellar Bodies Revolve Around Each Other in ‘Satellite of Love’

SATELLITE OF LOVE, starring Nathan Phillips (WOLF CREEK), Zachary Knighton (HAPPY ENDINGS), Shannon Lucio (Prison Break) and Janina Gavankar (True Blood), is a story about looking back in search of answers to the mysteries of life, love and friendship. Blake and Samuel are best friends who couldn’t be more different except for one thing: their […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Cinema Six’ Writers/Directors Mark Potts and Cole Selix

In a small town cinema, three friends/employees find themselves on the cusp of something bigger; a baby, an undergrad degree and a better job. Yet all are faced with the same question. Do they stay where they are or brave the unknown and take a chance outside the walls of the Cinema Six? Go,See,Talk sat with […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Faith, Love and Whiskey’ Writer/Director Kristina Nikolova

There’s that old saying that you can never go home. But if you could, what would you do? In writer/director Kristina Nikolova’s film Faith, Love and Whiskey she shows us that it really is possible but also that doing so can also drastically change your life. In her first feature length film, Bulgarian born Nikilova shares with us […]

DIFF 2012 Announces Honorees and Additions to Schedule

The Dallas International Film Festival presented by Boardwalk Auto Group Volkswagen Dealers announced today that a Dallas Star Award would be presented to one of the great legends of costume design, Mr. Bernie Pollack.  DIFF also announced that rising star, Ms. Gabourey Sidibe will be honored with the Dallas Shining Star Award for the contribution she has made […]

Sean Bean and Aaron Eckhart Cast In 1 of 2 Different 'Pan' Films

Second star to the right and straight on…to a crime scene? Yes that’s what one of  two revisionist takes on the J.M. Barrie’s characters (both tenatively titled Pan) might give us. Sean Bean (Goldeneye) and Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) have both been cast in 1 of 2 planned and very different takes on the […]

DIFF Video Interview…’The Presence’ Writer/Director Tom Provost

Go,See,Talk got to sit down with Tom Provost and talk about his latest film The Presence. Delightful, smart and very friendly, Tom gives us the inside scoop about the film that, as he puts it “is all his own“. Have a look at the video below (split into 2 parts) and enjoy!

DIFF Review…The Presence

Writer/director Tom Provost brings ghost story to the screen that is part Alfred Hitchcock, part Rod Sterling and, to some degree, Agatha Christie while delivering the creepy goods those names are known for. From the beginning, The Presence creates quite an impact with an almost over-powering score that builds throughout the opening credits. After that it gets […]

DIFF Review…Red Dog

Every dog owner usually claims their pride and joy is the smartest or most loyal dog on the planet. But let me ask you this: Has your dog ever hitchhiked his way across the Australian Outback to find you? Neither has mine. The star of this film is the famous titular Australian that dog who […]

DIFF Review…Salvation Boulevard

There’s quite an A-List ensemble cast in this indie film from IFC and you’ll find that the laughs to be had are about as big as the stars themselves. Salvation Boulevard is directed and written by George Ratliff and is based on Larry Beinhart’s book of the same name. In the film Pierce Brosnan plays Dan Day, Pastor […]

DIFF Review…Lucky

Ok, so the idea of “a serial killer winning the lottery” is bound to get plenty of curious (and morbidly curious) in the theater doors. But homicide really is small potatoes compared to marital troubles and incompatibility. Lucky is directed by Gil Cates Jr. and does quite a lot with this little indie script. He […]

DIFF Review…13 Assassins

Takashi Miike paints a samurai film for the ages with his gripping epic 13 Assassins. A gritty story about 13 Ronin tasked with killing the corrupt son of the Shogun, Miike sends a love letter to Akira Kurosawa that would make any filmmaker envious of such a compliment. Right off the bat Miike recounts this true story by […]

DIFF Review…The Greater Good

“How many deaths are enough to justify something as being a benefit?” That’s exactly what director/producer Kendall Nelson asks in her new documentary. Bringing three tragically affected families’ stories to light, The Greater Good tells how childhood vaccines (medication that is supposed to be good for these children) are nowhere as safe as they were […]

2011 DIFF Opens TODAY (and G-S-T Has A Press Pass!!)

Hello World, Marc Here: Since starting Go,See,Talk a few years ago I had always hoped all the work done here would take me one step closer to the magical world of film. This year it looks like it’s starting to pay off. I have received my Press Pass *throws arms up and dances like a […]