Off the Shelf…’Frances Ha’

Culturally, Frances Ha almost feels like Noah Baumbach issuing a challenge to all listless twenty-somethings stubbornly fixated on spending their time finding themselves: get found already, dammit. Throughout his career, Baumbach has showcased a knack for capturing the unbearable sensation of being emotionally unmoored, and across his entire filmography, Frances Ha – lyrical, succinct, rapturously authentic – may […]

G-S-T Review…Delivery Man

Delivery Man is a new movie starring Vince Vaughn as a middle aged slacker. For those of you familiar with Vince Vaughn’s work, you generally have a good idea of what to expect. Most of the time his movies are either hit or miss. He plays a very distinct slacker role in most of his […]

Sweet Trailer…'Sabotage'

After two rather luke-warm receptions at the box office (well we quite liked The Last Stand) Arnold Schwarzenegger is back for his third full headlining post-Governator outing and man does this high-octane shoot-em-up look to finally deliver the goods. Originally titled “Ten”, David Ayer’s action thriller Sabotage puts an macho spin on Agatha Christie’s Ten […]

G-S-T Review…Narco Cultura

Mexico’s longstanding drug war has made for some stellar visual media in the last few years, influencing aspects of shows like Breaking Bad and providing a blueprint for films like 2012’s Savages or, much more recently, The Counselor; sitting pretty from afar, the ultra-violence that punctuates the wheeling and dealings of this outrageously lucrative business […]

G-S-T Review…The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Here we are with the second installment in the trilogy, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This trilogy (well, three novels stretched out to four films) is the latest in the teen craze following on the heels of Harry Potter and Twilight and now The Hunger Games is taking its turn in the spotlight. Even with […]

Solomon Survives: The Modernity Of ’12 Years a Slave’

From behind the iron-barred basement windows of a faceless tenement building nestled alongside so many others that look just like it, a man frantically cries out for aid. His words echo fruitlessly, bouncing between alleyways and sidewalks as they’re smothered by the brick facade of the structures surrounding him; his pleas goes unanswered, leaving him […]

ALL PASSES CLAIMED – Advance Screening Passes to Disney Animation’s ’FROZEN' in DALLAS, TX

Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in Disney Animation’s FROZEN. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Go,See,Talk is partnering with Walt Disney Animation to give Dallas area film fans FREE passes to a special “Advance Screening” of FROZEN starring Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff. This screening will take place in DALLAS, […]

Sweet (International) Trailer…'Robocop'

Fan boys the world over (and film fans in general) are having trouble accepting Jose Padilha’s upcoming RoboCop remake. As we’ve seen many stories we cinephiles hold dear suffer a disastrous facelift (I’m looking at you Total Recall) it’s only a matter of time before everything gets remade and sorry Verhoeven fans, this too is […]

Sweet Trailer…Hayao Miyazaki's 'The Wind Rises'

Legendary animator and founder of the world-renowned Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki announced earlier this year that he is finally, yes finally going to retire. He tried before, twice but now it’s official. His final animated film is called The Wind Rises and is about Jirō Horikoshi, the designer of Japan’s famous Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter […]

Ohhh, Look…Fake Trailer for 'Machete Kills Again…In Space!'

All of you Danny Trejo fans know that “Machete don’t text” and “Machete don’t tweet” but Machete, like James Bond, will always return…we hope at least. Those of you brave souls and die-hard Robert Rodriguez fans who supported everyone’s favorite machete brandishing vigilante already know the absurdity in the video below. Those of you who […]