Pixar Goes Viral With Actual 'Monsters University' Website

Well, nobody ever accused Pixar of being anything other than creative, thoughtful, and detail-oriented. The animation studio’s next film, Monsters University, marks the first prequel they’ve ever entertained as a company, and while there’s been some hand-wringing over the project based on concerns over originality, it’s hard to feel that much anxiety over their 2013 offering when the preview material is as spot-on and engaging as this bit of ingeniousness.

I grant that promotional work is one of Pixar’s realms of expertise: they know how to advertise and promote their projects like nobody else. The in-depth Monsters University website is no exception. Put simply, this thing is comprehensive. In point of fact, I meant to get this very post published about twenty minutes ago, but every time I go back to the MU page, I get sucked into one of its various facets– from the Students and Faculty pages to its overviews for its various programs, whether it’s the School of Scaring, Engineering, or Liberal Arts & Monstrosities.

But don’t let me spoil the MU page’s delights for you– head on over there and check it out for yourself. I imagine you’ll wind up wasting just as much time perusing it as I have.  So enroll in and excel at Monsters University! MU hits theaters next Summer on June 21st, 2013.