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Random Film Thought of the Day…07.29.10

News hit recently of Daniel Craig being cast for the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Part of me said, “hell yes!“, while another part of me was lost for words. At first I thought this was a good move and would be glad to see Craig in something new and different since the Bond series is on perpetual hold. But the more I think about this I’m not wild about it. I don’t see the point of casting someone so high profile when their character is far from the main focus of the film. While I admit I have only seen the first film, I honestly don’t know if Mikael Blomkvist takes more prominence later in the series, but as far as the first one, it was all Lisbeth Salander.

As this is pretty much Lisbeth’s story (and trilogy actually), Sony would (and should) cast someone even more noteworthy and amazing for the part of Lisbeth. That’s just my opinion there and don’t get me wrong, I’m still jazzed about Craig though…

Lisbeth is without a doubt the harder casting decision by a long shot but I have a suggestion (see above). I know some contenders include Mia Wasikowska, Emily Browning and Rooney Mara but I think, maybe just because she’s pretty popular right now, Zoe Saldana might not do half bad…of course I’ve never seen her play crazy so who knows.

For her though, it might be a career-defining role, maybe even Oscar worthy.  But basically to beat the performance of Noomi Rapace, they’re going to find someone truly amazing to beat her turn as Lisbeth Salander. What say you all? Does Craig seem like a good fit?? Anyone have a suggestion or two for Lisbeth??


  • Kaiderman

    I actually think Craig is a perfect casting. I’m a little more worried about Lisbeth. Can’t say I like Saldana but I also don’t like the other names they’re throwing around so kudos for at least thinking outside the box.

  • Ross McG

    sorry Marc, for once i agree with my friendly neighbourhood Kaiderman. I think Craig is pretty much nailed on to play yer man. Wasnt Carey Mulligan going to play Lisbeth? am just back from holiday so maybe i missed that

  • Castor

    I think Craig might be a little too badass for Blomquist who is a just a journalist. Hopefully, they won’t have him become this crazy action hero.

  • Caz

    I’m really happy about this casting. I think Craig can pull it off and will be good to see him in a different kind of role to what we have been more used to in recent years.

  • Novroz

    I’m going to pass on this movie. I’ve seen enough damage by Hollywood when they tried to remake a great movie.

    I enjoy the sweedish version of TGWDT so much and hate it to be ruined by Hoollywood. I’m not anti Hollywood movies but I admit I’m an anti Hollywood remake.

  • MarcC

    Been away on business and getting caught up…

    @Kai…Well out of the box is what I do:P It might be crazy enough to work.

    @Ross…Not that I’m against Craig, I do think people will be looking to him to much when the focus is supposed to be on Lisbeth

    @Olive…Yeah, never heard of her before but either way, I think unknown is the only way to go.

    @Castor…My thoughts exactly!

    @Caz…Agreed, this will be different for him, perhaps some sort of middle ground between the character of Layer Cake (out of his element in stressful/dangerous situations) and Golden Compass (playing a side character).

    @Novroz…I see where you are coming from but if the Let the Right One In remake works, this could signal a shift away from mostly crappy remakes (unnecessary as though they all may be)

  • Napiers News

    I actually think that this remake could be good even though remakes often are not. Daniel Craig being cast is great news. Stellan Skarsgard being cast is also good news if you were not aware. The key factor of this movie being a success is the casting for Lisbeth Salander.