Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart Team Up For New Buddy Cop Flick

The Green Hornet, Superbad, Observe and Report and now an upcoming odd-couple buddy cop movie. Seth Rogen must enjoy quasi-law enforcement roles. So what’s the scoop on this new film? I mean hasn’t the “buddy-cop” movie been done to death? Well yes and no because the concept/angle for this one is a period-piece and it actually sounds like it’s got some legs. Plus if you’re going to get two equally funny comedians to play off each other, then the combo of Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart already sounds like a winning combination.

In this yet untitled film Hart and Rogen will play cops in an action-comedy set in the post-World War II era. This new on this project, which was written by Rodney Rothman (former Late Show with David Letterman head writer) is about the first (fictional) interracial police partners who go undercover in the jazz scene to work a sting on a drug ring. Right now both the stars are attached not just to lead the film but also finance it. Hart will act as executive producer (under HartBeat Productions) while Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Rothman will take full producing credits.

For more on the film check out the recent post over at Variety. While things are getting finalized on this project, expect to see Rogen this Fall in For A Good Time Call... and Hart next month in the Steve Harvey adaptation Think Like A Man. What do you think? Anyone like the pitch for a new spin on the buddy cop flick?


  • Kristin

    Well, I just enjoyed 21 Jump Street, which I definitely think would be considered a buddy copy movie – and I enjoyed it. It seems like Rogen is good in buddy kind of relationship in a movie, and I’m sure this will no exception.

    • RidgeRacer4

      Haven’t seen Jump Street yet but it’s got a lot better press than I expected to be hearing. Rogen is not suited for leading on his own so a buddy relationship is key. I’m very eager to see how he and Hart play off each other.