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Sweet 2nd Trailer…'The Hobbit'

We’re wading further and further into Tolkien week, and as each day goes by, that venerable rogue Peter Jackson continues releasing new media for the upcoming first entry in his latest Middle Earth venture, The Hobbit. A day ago, we were treated to a bevvy of hi-res images from the film; today, we have a new trailer on which to feast our eyes. While the clip released earlier this year played a bit broadly, this latest bit of footage focuses much more on establishing tone, and it should be to no one’s surprise that Jackson appears to have nailed it. The Hobbit represents the lighter side of Tolkien’s fantasy; humorous and punctuated with whimsy so as to keep darkness at bay. For your viewing pleasure:

Normally, this is where I’d have an opinion on the actual trailer, but I’m not seeing much of a point in articulating perspective here. We all know where we stand on The Hobbit and we’re all likely to be present on opening weekend (something which New Line and Warner Bros appear to be banking on). The Hobbit hits theaters December 14th; how much more excited for the film are you after watching this new trailer? Sound off!