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Sweet (and Short) Red Band Trailer…'Young Adult'

In October, the full trailer for the new Jason Reitman film Young Adult hit the web. It was quirky, funny and most of all it reminded us that petty high schoolers grow old but they don’t always grow up. Today we get a small taste of what is really in store for us as we see the beautiful Charlize Theron channeling Diablo Cody’s not so beautiful writing. For those faint of heart, have look at the green band trailer. For those of you who need a short but bitter mid-Tuesday wake up shot, look no further…

Charlize plays Mavis Gary the foul-mouthed divorcee returning to her old life in small-town suburbia and it all goes down hill from there. Quite a departure from Juno, this slightly darker pairing of Reitman and Cody has me more than intrigued as it’s kind of reminiscent of Ryan Reynolds’ Just Friends…only stripped away of any and all sugar coating. Starring Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth ReaserPatton Oswalt and J.K. Simmons, Paramount has slated Young Adult to hit theaters for a limited release just a few weeks from now on December 16th, 2011. Count me in as morbidly curious, but let me ask you all? Is anyone going to seek this out? Does this look like your brand of humor??


  • MarkusWelby1

    OK…that was interesting. Hoping Diablo can get back on track because I actually quite love Juno. Charlize hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire post Oscar win, but maybe this could do it? Of course there’s always Prometheus!

    • MarcC

      Yes kind of hit/miss and too “blink and you missed it” to be an effective last minute marketing push. But as a Red Band spot it’s probably the most representative of the humor in this film which will probably be just as hit/miss. Still I’m interested to see this and you’re right, here’s hoping this’ll be a W for Cody. Not sure how/why Theron was cast in Prometheus but with Scott I’ve learned not to ask questions.

  • Andrew

    I’m kicking myself for missing out on the chance to see this earlier in the week– it looks pretty stellar. I’m not aboard that whole weird Diablo Cody backlash train myself– I think she gets a lot of flak from closet misogynists– and I still think Juno is a pretty great film. I say bring this one on.

    • MarcC

      I’m game for this too as I rather adore what Reitman/Cody and the cast did with Juno. From the right angle this almost looks like a darker, grown up and jaded re-imagining of the two lead characters Ms. McGuff and Paulie Bleeker:P.