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Sweet (Final) Trailer….'Wreck-It Ralph'

Not since the first Expendables have we been this excited for a film to be released. Let me clarify, that’s anticipation of the film mind you, not satisfaction with the end product. While all signs point to this being a much better outing than Sly’s action opus, it pays to have just a little reserved optimism. But who are we kidding. We can’t freaking wait for this!! And we will probably be giving away advance screening passes so stay tuned for that!

So if you weren’t already fully on board, have a look at the final trailer for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.

How bout that huh?? There’s a lots more fun in this trailer as we get new footage, more jokes and more of a glimpse through the arcade glass. Directing this delightful looking animated throwback film is “Futurama” and “The Simpsons” alum Rich Moore. Get your quarters ready and start lining up outside the arcade, err, theater because Wreck -It Ralph is set for wide release this Fall in 3D on November 2nd, 2012Is there anyone who’s not excited??