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Sweet (Official) Trailer…'The Mechanic'

Earlier this year we posted the promotional looking trailer for the remake of Charles Bronson’s The Mechanic. It was interesting but still rough. Since then a lot has changed (possibly some story by the looks of it) and this final product has a very refined feel to it.

Starring Jason Statham and the increasingly awesome Ben Foster, The Mechanic looks to be the first solid actioner kicking off 2011. So as it is almost upon us (and pushed back from its original December 15th release date), we now have a much slicker looking trailer from our buds at First Showing to get us in the mood. Have a look for yourselves…

In this remake, Jason Statham takes a young Ben Foster under his wing and teaches him the ways of the Force…I mean the ways of a Mechanic. Sure it looks a little typical but come on, who isn’t pumped for another Statham action fest? Well, yo be fair, Chaos, War and Death Race aren’t exactly classics by any stretch but I can’t fault Statham. He’s just damn good at doing what he does and is one of the few legitimate action stars working today. Hey I’m a fan and I’m excited. Plus Ben Foster has shown us time and time again he can hold his own against older Hollywood talent. Looking forward to see how the two play off each other. What do you all think??

Also, for your viewing pleasure, if you haven’t seen the poster we’ve included it below. Looks pretty sweet in a simple kind of way. See, it’s amazing what can be done with 5 minutes and Photoshop?:P

The Mechanic is set for release on January 28th 2011 which I’m sure will be just the thing to kick the Winter doldrums. How’s this look to you all? Anyone excited by this trailer??


  • rtm

    I’ve kinda lost faith in Statham though I love him in Transporter. I don’t even know if I want to see this even on dvd… Ben Foster is a good actor though.

    • MarcC

      You know there are some actors that I would normally run out and see anything they were in but I too have lost faith in a few.

      I can understand waiting for a rental…but while I probably won’t see this opening night I’d like to check it out one rainy Sunday after it’s been out a bit. Theater though for sure:)

  • Steve

    I’m with you, Marc! I’ve got full confidence in Ben Foster’s abilities to actualy make this into more than just another episode of The Transporter. Pandorum would jab been a giant hot mess without Foster on board, he could really make something happen here.

    • MarcC

      Foster was sooo sweet in 3:10 to Yuma. I think he’ll have to take a few more back seat roles before he hits his stride and lands leading man roles. He’s way more talented than Statham that’s for sure.