Sweet Pixar short…'George and AJ'

You know, some films just stick so deep with you that once the movie is over, you find yourself constantly thinking about it.  I have that happen to me from time to time and wondering “what happens next?” and other times I wonder what is happening tandem with the story (but off screen) and how the side characters are affected or just what they’re doing.  While I just adore Up (check out our review here), I never really thought beyond the story that much (save for what Russell’s mom thought of her son’s “new friends”) but those creative super geniuses at PIXAR sure did.  To answer some questions and expand the story, they have crafted this perfect companion piece to this years mega hit, Up.

We got news of this delightful short from the Cinematical, so my thanks to them.  For those of you ready for just a few more crumbs from PIXAR’s great little animation we get a bit of info on the short:

The visuals and audio leave just a bit desired, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and put it right up there with PIXAR’s other great shorts like TAKEN and PRESTO.  But what did you think??  Just as fun as the movie itself??