Sweet (Red Band) Teaser…'Cosmopolis'

David Cronenberg  is undoubtedly a visionary…even if most people don’t get or understand his vision. Still, just to make it through any number of his films, like Naked Lunch or Videodrome for instance, deserves a pat on the back. His last film A Dangerous Method didn’t seem all too Cronenbergish but don’t worry dear fans, he still has weird on the brain. Case in point. The upcoming film Cosmoplolis which stars Robert Pattinson who plays a young billionaire Eric Packer. Recently faced with losing his empire, he begins to uncover clues that lead him to a more dire and terrifying secret: his imminent assassination. All you R-Pat fans, be advised, this teaser is weird and more importantly NSFW.

Adapted from a novel by Don DeLillo and starring Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis also features Paul Giamatti, Kevin Durand, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Sarah Gadon and Mathieu Amalric. Currently there is no date for the US release date yet but this teaser is for the French opening on May 23. How does this look to you? Anyone intrigued in the least?? Does this seem like vintage Cronenberg to anyone else??

One Comment

  • Andrew Crump

    Wow. What? Crazy. If this works, I’ll forever be Robert Pattinson’s ardent defender (“The Twilight films were just cash jobs he took so he could star in movies like Cosmopolis and still eat!”) and I’ll, well, continue being a huge Cronenberg fan. Gunshot wound to the hand! Sex in a limo! Dinosaurs!