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Sweet Teaser Trailer…'Django Unchained'

Yesterday was a big day for trailers as we saw the Disney answer to a Pixar film, a new Robert Zmeckis film, and the latest awesome offering from one Quentin Tarantino. Well after much anticipation and some highs and lows of the casting process comes the first trailer for what looks like another QT classic. It looks GREAT…Enjoy!

Starring Oscar-winners Jamie FoxxChristoph Waltz and Oscar-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio this follow-up to Inglourious Basterds can be expected to be equally saturated in great writing, superb acting and memorable characters/exchanges. Oh, man we can’t wait for this!! The Weinstien Company and Columbia Pictures have Django Unchained (“the D is silent“) scheduled to hit theaters this Winter on December 25, Christmas Day. Odd placement on the calendar but isn’t that just so Quentin? What do you think so far? Impressed yet??


    • RidgeRacer4

      Totally! It’s going to be just as good a Christmas present as Fincher’s GWTDT was last Winter:) 

  • Andrew Crump

    Goddamn, I haven’t ever been this excited for a Tarantino film. Ever. This thing just plays; I love the music choices, and I really like seeing Waltz, uh, waltz around and generally be charismatic and charming while Foxx broods and acts tough.

    Very much looking forward to this.