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Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…’Happy Feet 2′

Riding on the crest of that wildly popular “penguin craze” of the mid 2000’s came a little animated film called Happy Feet. It was funny, cute, had a pretty noteworthy cast, breathtakingly realistic visuals (not to mention seamless integration of live action characters) and a not so preachy message. Well that was back in 2006 and now here we are getting back to that lovable bunch of Antartic dwelling sing-songy inhabitants. Have a look…even if this time they’re singing dreadful songs.

I highly enjoyed the first film and loved both the characters and the music. This time it looks like they’re really going after a slightly different/younger (read: American Idol) demographic. But as the first film was just filled to the beak with oodles of charm, I’m very eager to what George Miller will do with this. This sequel brings back Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, but also gives us new stars like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt (hey, no George Clooney?:P) and Pink. So while this is only a teaser, Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet Two is sufficiently on my radar. For those of you interested, we’ll get to see these little fellas in 3D this Fall on November 18th, 2011.

Is anyone a fan of the first Happy Feet? Anyone excited about the cast this time around?