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Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…'The Bourne Legacy'

The spy world is bigger than we ever imaged and to show it is this teaser for the Tony Gilroy written & directed parallel to the Doug Liman/Paul Greengrass films. Even the tag line “There was never just one” is smart and speaks volumes. Cemented as a bad-ass in The Hurt Locker and hot off the success of the latest Mission Impossible, Jeremy Renner looks to become the next big action hero. This film will be the start of a whole new series following a Jason Bourne-like agent. But since it’s as much about the agency as it is the agent, there’s plenty of nods to the Damon films as well as familiar faces with Albert Finney, Scott Glen and Joan Allen all returning. This looks pretty sweet (thanks to First Showing for the heads up and the embedded trailer). Enjoy…

Wow, huh? Well I’m sold and am interested to see how Tony Gilroy does with directing in addition to writing this Bourne film. Beyond that I am extremely eager to hear how James Newton Howard’s score contributes to the story. Trailers have a knack for using music that’s not from the movie you’re watching but if this really is a sampling of his music then I am 110% in. But I digress.

In addition to Renner and the returning supporingt cast of Finney, Allen and Glen are newcomers Ed Norton and  Rachel Weisz bringing some more acting horse power to the ensemble filmThe Bourne Legacy is slated to hit theaters this Summer on August 3, 2012. Anyone excited for this? Anyone eager to see Renner step into more action roles??


  • Lindsay

    I’m excited. I didn’t really have this film on my radar beforehand but this teaser is amazing! Renner has yet to disappoint with his recent film roles so I’m all about catching him in the new Bourne flicks. Bring it on!

    • RidgeRacer4

      You’re right about Renner, he’s batting 1000 right now and this looks like a great vehicle for him. Glad to see more and more people excited about this.