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Sweet Trailer…'A-Team' (lo-rez)

For all you eager fans out there, have a look at the first <leaked> trailer for the new ‘A-Team‘ movie.  Sorry for the low quality resolution, but its all that’s out now (before it gets yanked by YouTube).  Have a look and let me know what you think…

For not being a fan of the show, I’d say it looks entertaining.  What say you??


  • rtm

    I just posted the hi-res version earlier today for pure nostalgia sake. I think this is the kind of flix you go to the movies just to be entertained and not something to mull over, y’know. That Liam Neeson sure got range, I mean Hannibal is a far cry from Oskar Schindler, but then again he’s in all kinds of genres these days. I’m looking forward to seeing him as Zeus in Clash of the Titans, too.

    • Marc

      I never followed the show, nor am I very familiar with it beyond it’s general purpose, so I think I can be on board for a film since I’m not really biased. Further, I like the look of it and sense “popcorn flick” in the subtext. This looks crazy enough to work, where as other retro “TV to movie adaptations” like ‘Starskey and Hutch’, and ‘Bewitched’ were just terrible films and should have stayed TV shows. This has some potential. I won’t see it opening night, but I’m intrigued…and yes, like you said, this is definitely a film you see just to be entertained…period. Nothing deeper there:P