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Sweet Trailer…'Battleship'

Hasbro must be pleased as punch to see their toy lines expanded and adapted to the silver screen. Sure the plots to the respective stories may be contrived commercials but love them or hate them you can’t say you weren’t at least visually (or nostalgically) entertained. Next on deck, Peter Berg’s Battleship. Once a humble board game (that with or without sounds effects was a moderately fulfilling time waster) here we are with the 3rd full trailer for the film. For many this has been dubbed unofficially as Transformers 4 but that’s a knee-jerk reaction we should not debate until after you see this trailer (or read this ScreenRant interview with Taylor Kitsch). I mean this has aliens, there weren’t aliens in Transformer were there? Oh wait, they were alien robots. That’s different enough. Anyway Enjoy!

Peter Berg‘s Battleship stars Taylor KitschLiam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård and is slated to hit theaters this Spring on May 18th 2012. Personally I’d much rather see Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim but if you’re looking for action overload this Summer Battleship seems to have you covered. What do you think??