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Sweet Trailer…'Black Lightning'

Well, “Sweet” may be misleading – interesting is more like it.  Below is the trailer for the upcoming Timur Bekmambetov film Black Lightning.  Now I don’t want to get hyped up yet since my past experience with Timur’s other film Night Watch didn’t turn out near as I expected.  Although I have to say that Wanted was pretty sweet and this trailer looks closer to the latter than the former.  That said, this trailer has definitely accomplished what it was designed to, which is to get me to say, “Hmm, I want to see more of that“.  So for your visual enjoyment (sorry, the trailer is not dubbed or subtitled) here is the crazy but fun looking trailer:


Now I’m a little rusty in my Russian (yes, I did take a Russian class in 5th grade and I still remember some things) but here’s what I can surmise from the trailer.  Black Lightning is about a boy, trying to get a girl, (Spider-Man) who tries to get a car to impress said girl (Transformers), but finds out the car has special powers (Herbie the Love Bug) and now uses the ‘flying car to fight crime (The Watchmen).  Give me a minute to write down some notes…OK, now I’m translating somethings into Russian…now back to English…OK, got it.  It reads…”WTF??

Well, for something resembling clarification (since my education is not helping in this trailer’s exposition), here is an excerpt from our friends at FirstShowing:

Black Lightning is co-directed by first-time Russian directors Dmitriy Kiselev and Alexandr Voitinsky, who are both friends of Timur Bekmambetov and who have worked with him previously. Timur apparently said at one point that this is the “Russian response [to] Transformers and Batman. Apparently this was made for roughly $8 million dollars, which is twice what they spent to make Timur’s Day Watch and Night WatchBlack Lightning will hit theaters in Russia on December 31st, but doesn’t have a US distributor yet.

OK, well that “Transformers and Batman” bit helps a little.  It’s starting to make me curious to see what the Wanted director can do with a film that looks like it’d me more fun and not so dark.  What do you all think?  Interesting ‘looking’ in the least?

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  • chubbybots

    I’ll catch this if they do distribute in my country ^^. The starting part reminds me of Sam with bumblebee from TF1 😀