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Sweet Trailer…'Boondock Saints II'

The day has finally come to get our first look at the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most revered cult classics, The Boondock Saints.  I have posted the trailer below so please, sit back and enjoy…


Now I love the first Boondock Saints and it is one of the more played movies in my library.  Despite my feelings about the original, I have to say that this looks a little cheap, possibly (like the case of Crystal Skull)  too little, too late.  And oh, how the might have fallen.  The entire gang (sans Willem Dafoe) is back for this sequel but the years have not been kind to most characters, especially Detective Greenly (Bob Marley, yes that’s his real name) and Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) who I actually thought was Daniel Baldwin in some scenes of this trailer.   After nearly 10 years of rumors, whispers and disappointments, I had given up hope of a sequel, and this trailer doesn’t really help me get any of it back.  To me it looked like the first movie could have gone on for another 20 minutes and actually led up to a sequel, instead of it just ending and possibly implying one.  Seeing this trailer makes me wish they had left it at one…but I could be wrong.

I believe the reason I loved the first one (and the reason it skyrocketed to “cult classic” status) is that it was such a surprise that came out of nowhere with little to no fan fare.  Its popularity came solely through word or mouth and from quasi-underground viewings in college dorm/frat rooms.  Then, once word of mouth got going…well you know how Family Guy got back on the air right?  Anyway, one of the most interesting things about the cult following surrounding the ‘Saints’ film is the back story of how Troy Duffy (writer,director) pretty much sabotaged himself, killed the golden goose and subsequently brought everyone else down with him.  Watch Overnight and you’ll see the sad story unfold…well, rather don’t watch all of it as it’s depressing and a train wreck of a documentary, so rent it and speed through some slow parts.

For those of you interested (me, I’m still on the fence whether I want to see this or not) Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is set be be in theaters October 30th…but it is unclear whether it will be limited or wide release.  What do you fans think??