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Sweet Trailer…Ron Maxwell's Civil War-era 'Copperhead'

Copperhead HeaderAs America prepares to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War this summer, we film fans can get to see the release of acclaimed filmmaker Ron Maxwell‘s (Gods and Generals, Gettysburg) next epic Copperhead this Friday. Copperhead is the new Civil War-era movie, inspired by actual events and based on Harold Frederic’s novel of the same name, about a righteous farmer Abner Beech of Upstate New York, who despises slavery – but just as passionately opposes the war that is waging in the name of the union hundreds of miles away. Abner is neither a Yankee nor a Rebel but is what is known as a “Copperhead”. Check out the trailer below…

Differing slightly from Maxwell’s previous epics Copperhead is in the vein of films like Ride with the Devil and Cold Mountain as Copperhead tells a story away from the front lines. Both the film and the book that inspired it, is hailed as a parable of the Civil War and shows how war can take its toll on people not on the actual battlefield.

Directed by Ron Maxwell and starring Peter Fonda, Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer), Angus MacFayden (Braveheart), and Augustus Prew, The Film Collective has set Copperhead for release in theaters and VOD starting June 28th, 2013. For more info, including how so get Copperhead shown in your area, check out the official website and Facebook page.