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Sweet Trailer…Keanu Reeves' 'Man of Tai Chi'

We’ve heard about Keanu Reeves‘ pet project Man of Tai Chi for a while now but aside from a few set shots (and news about the film’s cutting edge camera work) very little production news has surfaced. This weekend the first trailer for the film dropped and while the quality isn’t that great it still raises eyebrows and pulses. From the looks of it Man of Tai Chi will be about a martial arts tournament set in Beijing and stars Tiger Chen (veteran stuntman). The plot is very vague as IMDb only gives us this bit of info: “In Beijing, a young martial artist’s skill places him in position to experience opportunities and sacrifices”. We do know that Keanu Reeves will plays the villain which is kind of a neat idea and we’re stoked to see that. So until we get more definitive information have a look at the very first trailer…

Man of Tai Chi is the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves from a story written by Michael G. Cooney. Word is that the film has 18 fights (roughly 40 minutes of the run time) and making this all the more awesome is the fight choreography from Yuen Woo Ping, Keanu’s old friend from The Matrix films so at the very least the action should be exemplary.

Man of Tai Chi also stars Karen Mok, Simon Yam and Iko Uwais and is set for a Summer 2013 release in China. It will begin its expanded release in other countries starting this Fall. Whatcha think??