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Sweet Trailer…'Lincoln'

I’m asking, in earnest, for someone to explain to me the “trailer for a trailer” phenomenon that’s gaining more and more popularity as days go by. What’s the point? What’s the purpose? Is the intended effect one that truly lives up to the word “tease”? Do studios think that teasing upcoming trailers will ensure that those clips receive more hits than they would otherwise? There are few things that bug me to the point of needing to simply kvetch about them openly when it comes to film, and this trend happens to be one of them.

But that’s maybe besides the point. DreamWorks teased out footage from the full trailer for the upcoming historical biopic Lincoln earlier this week, and they’ve rewarded our faith by releasing the whole clip today. Have a look:

I’m none too surprised to hear Daniel Day-Lewis speaking in a high-pitched voice. History establishes this fact quite well, and Day-Lewis is such a changeling when it comes to his craft that for him to do anything less than adopt our 16th president’s timbre would be kind of shocking. What this means is that Lincoln is almost sure to be worth watching by virtue of his performance alone; whether the rest of the film feels like a War Horse or a much more intentionally manipulative piece of Oscar bait remains to be seen. I know I’m in it for DDL, but what about the rest of you?


  • CastorTroy

    Yea I totally trust Day Lewis to have done his research when it comes to everything about Abe Lincoln. People who are questioning his high pitched voice obviously are just reflecting their own expectations of what they thought Lincoln should sound like. I have no idea whether this will be a good/great movie but it should be a must-watch nonetheless, given DDL’s presence.

    • Andrew Crump

      Exactly. Maybe some people have their own idea of what he should sound like, but they’re not based in reality, and Day-Lewis is the sort of guy who will bend over backwards to make sure he gets each and every detail about his performances and portrayals faithful and perfect.

      I’m looking forward to the movie if only for DDL.