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Sweet Trailer…’Lucky’

Well this is a nice surprise. The first of the films that played at the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival are now finally making their way to theaters. This hit the web last week and as I’ve been away am now getting caught up. Boy, now I’m looking forward to seeing what others have gotten picked up.

Anyway, Lucky is about Ben (Colin Hanks), who after winning the lottery marries his childhood sweetheart Lucy (Ari Graynor). Only, as she’s never been into him, she quickly marries him simply for his money. Right when she starts to actually fall for him Lucy learns that Ben is a closet serial killer. But as the say, “for richer and poorer, til death do us part right“? and she ends up cleaing up after Ben just to keep those lottery checks coming in. Trust me, it’s funner than you think. Have a look…

Lucky didn’t make huge waves at this year’s DIFF but was certainly entertaining (you can read my review here). It’s cute and really funny, but for a supposed “dark” comedy it’s wildly uneven. Although for all the shortcomings, Ari Graynor really makes the movie as she takes the reins and totally leaves Hanks and the very limited Jeffrey Tambor in the dust.

Directed by Gil Cates Jr., Phase 4 Films has slated Lucky for limited release on July 15th. What do you think? Anyone want to take a chance on this??