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Sweet Trailer…'Men In Suits' Doc

For years the digital revolution has been creeping up and it’s not just the style of filmmaking that is going all 0s and 1s, it’s also the effects. While we could have debates over film vs digital and further, practical vs digital effects, we’re gonna save that for another time (or you could see the Keanu Reeves doc Side by Side if you want to get into the first argument). But today an avid movie fan wants to speak his voice and champion the practical movie monsters.

Below is the trailer, a Kickstarer endeavor, about the people who made the effects/performances so iconic. No, not Stan Winston, Tom Savini, Rob Bottin et al, but the men behind the masks like Kevin Peter Hall, Doug Jones and Haruo Nakajima to name but a few thankless individuals. So for a little more about the doc, why not let the director Frank H. Woodward tell you himself (thanks to /Film for the tip)…

Godzilla… Chewbacca… Predator… Robby the Robot… These are some of the most iconic characters in cinema, but many people still don’t know about the incredible actors who bring these creatures to life! MEN IN SUITS will shine a long overdue light on an art that is getting lost in this age of computer graphics.

As this is a Kickstarter project, MEN IN SUITS is reaching out for help finishing their feature length documentary. Actually they’ve already met their goal, and with interviews and editing in the can they only have music, sound effects and the final sound mix to go. Check out the trailer (again!) and I’m sure you’ll join us in eagerly awaiting the finished product. Whatcha think? Look good?Who’s the man behind your favorite movie monster???