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Sweet Trailer…'Mystery Team'

A few months ago I saw this trailer on Apple’s website and I laughed my ass off.  This just looks like one very very clever and satirical take on The Hardy Boys, Scooby Doo and a few other iconic sleuthing teams (but I can’t put my finger on who they would be).  For those of you who still have no idea what Mystery Team is…behold and be informed…we’ll reconvene after this short pause for witty detective humor:)


God, that’s still funny…When I first saw it I thought it was a joke or a film sooo independent in nature and production, that I would be hard pressed to find a theater showing it.  It looks like its giving the “buddy detective story” a Juno-type quirkiness with a Super Troopers type of humor.  I’m going to seek this one out…how about you all??