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Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…Passion

Rachel McAdams has, most times, been the lovable girl next door and Noomi Rapace is, thanks to the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, riding high in Hollywood (really hope she is more than a foreign flavor of the year and becomes the next big thing). But the two of them look poised to really push their boundaries in the official trailer for Brian DePalma’s TIFF selected film Passion. How does it stack up to his other bold and artistic films like Sisters, Blow Out, Carrie and Scarface…guess we’ll find out but the trailer does look rather edgy in a 90’s kind of way. Enjoy!

A remake of Love Crime, the French film by Alain Corneau, DePalma has written and directed this film which tells the story of a young revenge seeking businesswoman (Noomi Rapace) who plans to murder her boss (Rachel McAdams) after having some of her ideas stolen. Hmmm looks like a dusting off and reuse of that Mean Girls role if you ask me. Wonder what Rapace will use as inspiration for this role?

Passion is set to premier at the TIFF and Venice in the Fall and will probably get a wide or VOD release in Spring or Summer 2013. Whatcha think? This raise anyone’s pulse??


  • Andrew Crump

    This just reminds me how badly I need to get further into De Palma’s filmography than I have. Looks amazing.

  • RidgeRacer4

    I’m so game for this and my early DePalma experience is a little lite as well. Just love Carlito’s Way and The Untouchables. Still have to see Sisters.