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Sweet Trailer…'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'

Yes, this one I do think is “sweet” (albeit a bit weak in parts).  But, after reading a lot of posts out on movie sites I frequent, it seems a large majority of people out there just aren’t liking this new trailer.  Watching the first longer trailer and this shorter ( International) one for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, I want to suggest that everyone step back, take a deep breath and stop hating for one moment.  As is common with the initial trailer, much of what you’re seeing is not completely finished or even guaranteed to be in the final product.  Sure trailers usually look like crap when they first come out but while I don’t think this has Oscar written all over it, it doesn’t look horrible either.  Let’s give this a chance to develop.  So for those of you who haven’t see it yet, have a look, and those of you who have, I ask you to give this a second try…

From First Showing we get these details:

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time follows a prince who must stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.  It is directed by English director Mike Newell, of Donnie Brasco, Pushing Tin, Mona Lisa Smile, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire previously. The screenplay was co-written by Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (The Uninvited, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and the story was developed by Jordan Mechner, one of the original creators of the video game.

Now just because something looks like crap in the trailer doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyable.  Remember about 5 years ago when Disney was developing a movie about one of their “rides” and everyone went ape-shit saying it would fail?  Well Pirates of the Caribbean turned out to be very fun (and successful).  The same could be said for this year’s G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  I would also like to remind some of you out there that just because this film takes place in the desert doesn’t not warrant the “Mummy rip-off” comments I have been reading lately.  Here’s some other movies involving the “desert” that had nothing to do with The Mummy or Brendan Fraser: Raiders of the Lost Arc, The Last Crusade, Lawrence of Arabia, Kingdom of Heaven, Tremors, The Wind and the Lion, Gunga Din, The Four Feathers…shall I continue??

Now this movie may bomb, nose dive, take your pick of synonyms equivalent to FAIL but hey,  it’s a trailer.  Plus given that this is a video game adaptation (not totally in it’s favor) I can see where all the pessimism comes from.  Trailers really are funny things (read my post for a whole ‘soap box’ rant) and people are even going crazy thinking Avatar will be crap, but we just need to sit back and see what happens.  Disney premiers Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in theaters on May 28th, 2010 .  What do you all think?  Anyone still betting on it’s failure?  Anyone moderately excited or willing to give it a chance??


  • Aiden R

    I actually thought the trailer looked pretty good, even though I couldn’t shake that it looked far too much like The Scorpion King for my taste. Still, can’t help waiting for that video game movie that’s finally gonna kick ass. Not sure this is gonna be it, but who knows, special effects look pretty damn good and the game was the bomb. Nearly eight more months to go.

    • Marc

      If this turns out to be a success, I think this will prove that they can effectively make other large scale video game adaptations (that won’t suck). I am sooo waiting for God of War and Shadow of the Colossus.