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Sweet Trailer…'Red Tails'

Well after the years of waiting for Lucas to release A. something other than Star Wars and B. Something other than re-releases of Star Wars, we get a first look at his WWII film Red Wing, I mean Red Tails. Geeze, this isn’t like Avatar but it seems like it took just as long in getting here huh? I guess we can say that good things are worth waiting for but then again I remember what happened last time we all got psyched up for a trailer. Still I’m staying optimistic as this is worth a look. Enjoy!

Red Tails is directed Anthony Hemingway from a story by George Lucas and stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo, Bryan Cranston and plenty of other established and rising stars. Lucasfilm will be bringing Red Tails screaming into theaters early next year on January 20th 2012. Despite all the news about the reshoots this looks better than I expected, but I’ll ask you all. Does this look good to anyone? Or are you just glad to see something out of the Lucas camp that isn’t trying to ram a lightsaber down our throats?


  • Dan

    George Lucas produced this did he? Does that mean it will be re-imagined in ten years time with new special effects? Nevertheless, it looks good – I’m ready for a new World War II movie.

    • MarcC

      Yeah, couldn’t help thinking that myself. Still from this trailer alone, I still think I’ll stick with Robert Markowitz’s Tuskegee Airmen from ’95