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Sweet Trailer…Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’

Exodus_Gods and Kings BannerIt’s been a while since a Ridley Scott film has graced the silver screen. However it’s been even longer said screen has shown with a story that audiences have taken to as much as the films from his glory days. His ‘period piece’ films seem to be more miss than hit these days but the man can handle an epic that’s for sure. In fact we’ll even go so far as to defend Kingdom of Heaven (though the Director’s Cut is by far the superior effort) as one of Scott’s best works. In his latest film, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Scott puts his spin on the story of Moses as he attempts to free his people from the tyranny of Ramses.

In the film Christian Bale plays Moses and, believe it or not, Joel Edgerton plays the Pharoah Ramses. Hey, it worked OK, smashingly is more like it, for Gladiator and even Ben-Hur so who knows. Anyway, enjoy the first trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings.

An account of the defiant leader Moses as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, setting 600,000 Israelite slaves out of Egypt on a monumental journey out of Egypt and away from its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.

Exodus: Gods and Kings also stars Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver. 20th Century Fox has slated their film for wide release this Fall, just before Christmas, on December 12th, 2014.