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Sweet Trailer…'Splice'

The trailer for Vincenzo Natali’s Splice dropped at the end of last week and man, is this a pretty creepy sci-horror flick!! We first heard of this film in the Fall of last year but haven’t seen much since then…although lucky attendees to Sundance got to see it and have nothing but rave reviews. This trailer looks pretty slick and I like the confined nature that it looks like they’re going for. Or maybe that’s just because of the lab they’re in:P

While some will automatically claim this looks surprisingly like a rip-off of Species given the plot synopsis, this looks quite a bit better (although there is no Natasha Henstridge…pity). Anyway, after seeing this I can say I’m sufficiently creeped out and very interested to see it. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourselves:

From Parallel Universe we get this brief synopsis on Splice:

In this sci-fi thriller from executive producer Guillermo del Toro, Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play scientists who embark on a dangerous journey when they splice human DNA into preexisting genetically-engineered experiments.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Polly since Doug Liman’s GO, and thought she did well in Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. That said, I’m looking forward to see how she plays off Brody. But more importantly I love that del Toro is involved. If there’s someone who knows horror and awesome visuals, it’s him!

Splice is set for release on June 4. Now, I may be alone in thinking this but I’m actually glad that we’ll get this in amongst the “wham bam” actioners that will be dominating cinemas this Summer. Seems like a good change of pace. So what are your thoughts? Anyone liking this so far?


  • Castor

    Looking forward to this movie. It’s been a while since I have seen Sarah Polley in a movie and the trailer is quite promising! I agree that it will be a nice change of place with all the action flicks we are going to be bombarded with.

    • Marc

      The trailer did lose me a bit at the end because I think that even with the glimpses of the “grown-up” creature, I think they’re giving too much away. Be mysterious like Jaws…oh wait, with Jaws the shark didn’t work half the time that’s why we didn’t see that much of it:)

      • Castor

        Yea, trailers these days have no sense of intrigue. They just reveal three fourth of the movie in 2 minutes!

        • Marc

          Seems trailer editors feel that to get people interested they have to give away all the “money shots”. That pisses me off because it kills many surprises of the movie. Hell, Quarantine wasn’t that great but the trailer spoiled the entire movie.

          Also I find that even DVD/BRDs are showing way too much when they do the montages at the menu screen. I’d consider that a spoiler if I never saw the movie in the theater:(