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Sweet Trailer…Studio Ghibli's 'From Up On Poppy Hill'

With computer animated films taking a majority of the market in film these days it’s so refreshing to see studious continue to produce hand drawn and stop-frame animation. Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli’s latest film is one such traditional hand drawn tale about a high school love story that takes place in the year before the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Similar to their sensationally simple Whisper of the Heart, this very down to Earth tale focuses on the human element but still looks engaging and captivating. Enjoy…and thanks to Anomalous Material for the tip!

Directed by Goro Miyazaki, Poppy Hill marks his second feature for Studio Ghibli. His first at bat for his father’s studio, one Tales From Earthsea didn’t impress very many fans, but Goro still managed to pull something beautiful out of the highly bland story. To Goro’s credit, (remember, he’s not an animator) Hayao sets the bar very high and is a tough act to follow. Anyway, the realistic human element to this story, set in Yokohama, brings to mind Ghibli’s period piece film Grave of the Fireflies, but thankfully this features themes that are a tad more upbeat than Isao Takahata’s somber tearjerker.

The film was released in Japan last year and will start to get its non-festival stateside release in March of 2013. The Secret World of Arrietty was a fantastic film and as Poppy Hill looks amazing from just the trailer, the new Ghibli guard is doing justice to the studio’s name and legacy. Looks like another sure sign that the torch has begun being passed with confidence.

We can’t wait for next year, but what say you Studio Ghibli fans? Eager to see Goro’s second at bat? What do you think of this story??