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Sweet Trailer…'The Beaver'

Mel Gibson isn’t the most loved celebrity right now and while he has more bad press and paparazzi problems than Lindsey Lohan, at least he can act himself out of a paper bag. So while he’s got some personal problems and they’re not really helping his public image, there is one golden rule in the entertainment world that applies no matter what: “Make one great film and the public will forgets all wrongdoing“…just look at Robert Downey Jr. That said, enter The Beaver, Mel’s latest fare from director and actor Jodie Foster. If you’ve seen posters or set photos in the past, you’ve probably been confused as to what it’s all about. Well dear friends, allow me to explain via this trailer. Enjoy…

First off I have to say that I’m quite intrigued. Recently I though Mel was no longer relevant in film circles and then I saw Edge of Darkness where, horrible Boston accent aside, I was floored by the film (than you Martin Campbell) and Mel’s performance. This looks like another great film from the 110% crazy American born but Australian bred thespian (and me thinks his British accent sounds very much like Michael Caine).

No official US release date has been announced but we’ve heard rumors of a Spring 2011 release. We’ll keep you updated but let me ask you a question. Does this look good to anyone? Are you game for more “Mad Mel”?


  • rtm

    I just watched this one, and yes I’m intrigued too. Ha..ha.. I thought it was Michael Caine too but I didn’t see his name in the credits. Wow, that’s impressive that it’s actually Mel’s own voice, channeling his Aussie accent back 🙂 I’m game for more Mad Mel, the guy’s got comic skills for sure. Not sure I’ll see it in the theater though, probably a rental.

    • MarcC

      Yeah this doesn’t scream “opening night” for me either. But I’m still looking forward to seeing this though:)