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Sweet Trailer…'The Giant Mechanical Man'

From Dallas native Lee Kirk comes this charming and quirky ensemble romantic comedy akin to Little Miss Sunshine or Garden State. Playing the titular Mechanical Man is Chris Messina (one of the standout performances in Devil) as he and Jenna Fischer help each other to realize that in this crazy world it only takes one person to make you feel important. Behold, The Giant Mechanical Man (disclaimer: not a real mechanical man or sequel to The Iron Giant…bummer).

Written/directed by Lee Kirk, The Giant Mechanical Man stars Jenna Fischer, Chris Messina, Malin Ackerman, Topher Grace, Bob Odenkirk and Lucy Punch and is set to play at the Tribeca Film Festival next month (hmmm, wonder why it’s not playing at the DIFF…come home Lee, come home!).

If you’re in the NY area please let us know if you get around to seeing this. There looks to be a lot of great ones playing apparently. What do you think??