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Sweet Trailer…’The Invention of Lying’

Simple pleasures for a simple Monday.  It’s undeniable that Ricky Gervais is pure comic gold.  He’s flat out funny in every way, shape and form.  So much so that his brilliantly simple show about the boring world we spend 8  plus hours in 5 days a week inspired our own ‘state-side’ adaptation that is hugely successful…I’m talking about ‘The Office’.  Yes, that’s right, your beloved Steve Carell show is a US remake of the British show of the same name.  If you haven’t see it, please go check it out.

Ricky almost seems to radiate comedy and makes everything and anything funny.  Just watch his other show “Extras” or his HBO Special Ricky Gervais: Out of England – The Stand-Up Special…So to help get our Monday in gear please check out this trailer for Gervais’ newest comedy flick The Invention of Lying


His last ‘Hollywood’ film Ghosttown didn’t do that well, but through no fault of Gervais.  It was just that most people still don’t know him as a household name…but that soon will change, I promise.  This movie comes out September 25th.  I’ll be there, how about you??