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Sweet Trailer…’Troll Hunter’

Now here’s an interesting take on the mockumentary sub genre. The Troll Hunter tells the story of a group of students investigating mysterious bear killings. They quickly learn there are much more dangerous things going on. As they start to follow a mysterious man, they soon learn he is actually an expert troll hunter. There have been some trailers released previously and this does give away more than it probably should but it’s still an exciting watch.

The Troll Hunter, was written and directed Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal and those who saw it premiered at Fantastic Fest last year have been raving about it. Magnet Releasing (known for tons of solid and edgy films like 13 AssassinsRubberThe House of the DevilRed CliffTimecrimes to give you an idea) is bringing The Troll Hunter to limited theaters this Summer on June 10th 2011. I don’t think I need much more than just the premise to tell me I’m sold on it, but I’ll ask you…

What do you think? Is this better looking than the mockumentary films out there? Anyone intrigued by the fantasy/mythological aspect to this?? Anyone think this looks like a kick-ass good time??