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Sweet Trailer…'Warrior'

Tom Hardy has certainly had some great turns in Layer Cake, Rocknrolla, Bronson, Inception and his star just continues to rise. Next up, before playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises of course, he’ll play an MMA fighter who must face off against his own brother. Warrior stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as the two brothers and the supporting cast includes Nick Nolte,  Jennifer Morrison, Kevin Dunn and Noah Emmerich. Have a look at the trailer below (for now click the image to be taken to the trailer) and see what everyone has already been talking about since the Sundance Film Festival…

Nick Nolte plays the boys’ estranged father and ex-House alum Jennifer Morrison plays Edgerton’s wife (nice to see her getting work). Form the looks of it, Warrior looks amazingly rousing and emotional. IWith films like The Fighter, Redbelt, to some extent The Wrestler and even Hardy’s Bronson, it looks like these types of sports movie (with their concise titles) are certainly en vogue, wouldn’t you say?

In the vein of Rocky and other pugilist themed films, Warrior is directed by Gavin O’Connor (Miracle) and is set for release this Fall on September 9th, 2011.

What do you think of Warrior? Does this look interesting? Anyone excited about this underdog story??

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  • Castor

    For most of the trailer, I was wondering why there was two stories ahah, a bit redundant even now that I know why. And did you notice the trailer looks ridiculously similar to The Fighter’s (fonts, effects etc…)