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Sweet Trailer…'Willow Creek'


Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest film, Willow Creek, still doesn’t have a theatrical release date yet, but it has received its very first trailer. We’ve seen the official poster, and my review from IFFBoston went up shortly after I caught the film at its world premiere (I really liked it), so suffice to say that it’s exciting to have the opportunity to show off some Willow Creek footage to people after talking it up for so long. Check it out below:

Smartly, the trailer tries to show off what makes Willow Creek truly great: the relationship dynamics between Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) and Jim (Bryce Johnson) and the guest appearances by real-life Bigfoot fanatics and experts. This is a horror movie, of course, and things do get very frightening  toward the end, but the scares come after well-done build-up and solid character development- and the film’s signature sequence, a wonderfully drawn-out take inside a dark tent, goes on for so long that it’s sort of impossible to succinctly capture the terror it conveys in just a couple of minutes. (Though the clip does try to do just that.)

Willow Creek is still making the festival rounds, which will hopefully lead to the film getting picked up and distributed theatrically. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, and if you get a chance to see Bobcat’s movie at a festival near you, go for it- you won’t be disappointed.

(Source: Badass Digest)


    • Andrew Crump

      Or that he’d still be one of the best working comedians today? He’s incredible. I’m not a huge fan of God Bless America, but I really liked World’s Greatest Dad and Shakes the Clown– and, of course, Willow Creek. Which everyone should see if they get a chance.