Sweet TV Trailer…'Gotham'

Gotham HeaderWhile we’re not really into TV programs (well, we watch a lot of it we just don’t report/post much of it), we’re excited about what Fox will give Bat-fans this fall. As films, namely comic-based ones, are continually finding success having their universes explored and expanded on the small screen (you ever hear of a little show called Smallville?) now DC is showing us the city that raised young Master Wayne in the wake of his parents’ deaths.

Originally this series was envisioned like a Batman before he was Batman, the show changed focus to instead follow a young Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie). It’s actually pretty intriguing that we’ll get to shine a light on supporting characters and younger versions of pretty much everyone we’ve come to love in the Batverse – heroes and villains. So as fans have always desired more stories about the streets and buildings of Gotham, consider Fox’s little production an appetizer until Zack Snyder can bring back the bat (and a few other of DC’s finest) in 2016. Enjoy!!

Gotham will set to show viewers the rise of Jim Gordon and his struggles to wade through the city’s corrupt police force. Of course we’ll also get to follow the likes of others fan favorites specifically Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and many others as well as young Bruce (David Mazouz) who we see mentored by Gordon.

Gotham Banner

It’s a really neat way of expanding Bob Kane’s character(s) beyond the already ridiculously bankable cinematic versions we’ve seen before by shining the spotlight on everyone else who usually ends up in the shadow of the bat. About time right? Here’s hoping this, (we’re thinking Batman Jr. has a nice ring to it) has the legs to keep things interesting. Currently Gotham has received an order for 13 episodes in its first season and more to follow if this takes off…after all we’ve got exactly 24 months until May 6th, 2014 so there’s a huge need for something to keep JL fans occupied. We’re game. This looks good so far.