Sweet Trailer…Robert Eggers’ ‘The Lighthouse’ from A24

Ten years ago, no one would ever expected Robert Pattinson to be a fine actor,let alone a contemporary equivalent to Willem Dafoe. But after a string of well-acted, and better, well-selected endeavors, he’s charmed the pants off critics and audiences alike. So while we’re two years away from seeing him take flight in The Batman […]

Interview…Mark Korven on the Unsettling Sounds of A24’s ‘The Witch’

Mark Korven is a Toronto based award-winning composer of music for film and television, and has also composed feature film scores for acclaimed directors Deepa Mehta, Patricia Rozema and Vincenzo Natale. Mark is also a multi-instrumentalist specializing in world music. In 2008, he received a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy) nomination for Best Original Score for a Dramatic Series for […]

Video Interview…’Locke’ Writer/Director Steven Knight

The latest brilliant cinematic offering from across the pond is the Steven Knight drama Locke. Both written and directed by Knight, Locke tells the story of a man who in one night must decide between a myriad of jeopardies. Knight, known for penning Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, crafts and then directs Hardy in […]