Full List of Nominations for the 86th Annual Academy Awards

Nominations for the 86th Academy Awards were announced this morning and the interweb is all a buzz either cheering or sneering at the nominees. 2013 was a strong year for film and those lucky/good enough to warrant an invite to Hollywood’s glitziest night are some truly deserving pictures and personalities. But just like film and […]

The 85th Annual Academy Awards – Full Winners List

Last night, the 85th Annual Academy Awards ceremony went off without a hitch and aside from some real shockers (like Ang Lee beating out Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino winning for best screenplay) it was an immensely delightful few hours. Despite what some think about Seth MacFarlane he really brought some life to the evening replete […]

Ohhh, Look…Looking Back – 84 Years of Oscar Retrospective

This weekend the pinnacle of film award shows, the 85th Annual Academy Awards, will recognize the best the best from 2012 as directors, thespians, technicians, etc. will all be lauded for their efforts to the entertainment world. They each, but in unison, have and continue to work tirelessly to create some of the most memorable, iconic, and legendary films […]

Here Are Your Nominees For the 85th Academy Awards

This morning, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the full list of nominees for the 85 Annual Academy Awards and it’s a surprising compilation. Like yesterday’s BAFTA nomination announcement there’s some love for Life of Pi and Django Unchained so that makes me happy. Also I’m happy to see all 5 animated films (and the […]

Oscar Shortlist For Docs Is Anything But

Get this: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ shortlist for the Best Documentary category is fifteen films long. Fifteen! Sort of makes you question the entire use of the phrase “shortlist”, especially given that their other shortlists are,  you know, actually short. We can chalk this up to some pretty significant rules changes […]

Oscar's Make-Up Shortlist Might Throw You For a Loop

Well, here’s some cool news– especially if you liked Rian Johnson’s Looper anywhere near as much as we did. The AMPAS released the last seven films still in competition for this year’s “Best Makeup” category, and while I can think of a lot of other areas where Looper deserves recognition (and in which it might […]

Ohhh, Look…'The Fansastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore' Oscar-Winning Short Film

Last night William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg’s The Fansastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore won an Oscar for Best Animated Short. Those of you curious to know why it won can find out for yourself as the delightful 15 minute film is now available for all to see. Combining nostalgic visuals with a peppy and […]

The 84th Annual Academy Award Winners (Plus Tribute To The Snubbed Films of 2011)

The 84th Annual Academy Awards came to a close at the Kodak Theater (we’ll move past the fact they’re filing for Chapter 11) with some big wins from some expected but very deserving films and film makers. Hugo and The Artist went toe to toe and both walked away with 5 golden statues. The supporting/leading […]

Full List Of Nominees For The 84th Annual Academy Awards Released

As far as awards go, the Academy Awards is the Super Bowl of the film/entertainment world recognizing (and snubbing) the very best of what the previous calendar year had to offer. In what some consider a stellar year for films there are some crowd pleasing favorites which have made such an impact and have kept […]

Go,See,Talk's Oscar Picks

Well it took me long enough but I’ve put a lot of thought into the nominees and below this blurb we present G-S-T’s Oscar picks. There really are a lot of great contenders as this years nominees have been fairly represented and given their due. I think I’ve voiced enough opinions about the criminal snubbing […]

Ohhh, Look…"Class Pic" from The Oscar Lunch!!

We just got word of this from Twitter and while it’s not exactly news, it’s just pretty cool. Since the Oscars are right round the corner, apparently every year there is an Oscar Lunch where all the nominees are gathered together. Man, that’s one helluva photo op! Have a look below, and click the photo […]