G-S-T Review…Olympus Has Fallen

Time has not been kind to Antoine Fuqua. Over a decade ago, he became an Oscar-caliber filmmaker (for whatever that label is worth) after Training Day vaulted him into mainstream prominence on the back of its gritty violence, no-nonsense artistry, and mesmerizing performances; in between then and now he’s output nothing but a handful of […]

G-S-T Review…Dead Man Down

Typically, a chorus of disapproval accompanies the arrival of celebrated foreign filmmakers in Hollywood. The studio system, so goes the familiar song and dance, will suck the life right out of their work and excise everything special about them in favor of formula and higher box office returns. There are, of course, exceptions. Alfred Hitchcock […]

Ohhh, Look…Behind the Scenes Photos For 'The Raid 2'

Gareth Evans has been planning his sequel to The Raid: Redemption for a while now, so here’s some good news: production on the film began just this week. I’m not sure if he’s sticking with The Raid 2: Berandal (which roughly translates to something like “bully” or “ruffian” in English) or if Sony will end up slapping Retaliation on […]

Sweet International Trailer…'Journey to the West'

AKA A Chinese Odyssey. AKA one of the Four Great Classical Novels. Full disclosure: I watched the trailer for Journey to the West at least a half a dozen times this morning and I’m still not totally sure what I saw with every repeat viewing. Somehow, Stephen Chow and timeless, massively influential Chinese literature seems […]

Off the Netflix Queue…’The Aggression Scale’

Describing Steven C. Miller’s The Aggression Scale as a violent Home Alone riff feels almost too retro-hip for my liking, but it’s almost impossible not to. The similarities between the two films are clear; pit seemingly defenseless children against brutish home invaders, watch the former embarrass and defeat the latter. But Kevin McAllister didn’t know […]