Off the Shelf…’Aladdin’

It is no surprise that 20 years later, Aladdin, quite possibly the most amazing and crowd-pleasing film in the Disney Renaissance, still holds up. While the film is ever more than the sum of its parts, two decades of having songs and characters ingrained in our brains and pop culture have shown just how transcendent […]

Off the Shelf…’The Little Mermaid’

Walt Disney Studios can stake their claim on a myriad of things, one of which is having some of the very best Blu-Ray transfers out there. Adding to their growing list of re-released classics getting the HD treatment is The Little Mermaid. This adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen‘s iconic and timeless story is one of […]

Off the Shelf…Walt Disney’s ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame I & II’

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, is a very different type of Disney film and further a bold step for Walt Disney Feature Animation. To some Hunchback can be considered a classic as well as a paradigm shift that marks a divergent tone in series of features previously found in the Disney catalog. For years Disney […]