Sweet Trailer…Alan Rickman in 'CBGB'

What is CBGB you ask? Well as the hilariously grungy Alan Rickman (yes, that’s Alan Rickman) tells us early in the trailer, it stands for “Country Blue Grass Blues“. Never heard of it? While it ain’t The Whiskey Bar it has been the spring board for some of the music world’s most iconic entertainers. This […]

Off the Shelf…'Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

For years I have been a huge (and yet still increasingly interested) fan of British comedy. I much prefer the subtle and quasi dry humor to the slapstick and over-the-top humor that dominates American cinema. There’s just something about a joke when it can be done with less animation but still evoke gut busting laughter. […]

Off the Shelf…’Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’

Due to a very pleasing viewing of the recent Robin Hood film, I thought I’d re-evaluate the previous Mr. Hood, the one whom I’ve held on a pedestal for so long. Comparatively, they are different sotries and given that the newest Ridley Scott film is a production that throws out most convention, looking back it seems more apparent that Costner’s […]

Off the Shelf…'Galaxy Quest'

This past weekend I was watching Star Trek on Blu-Ray (which is jaw-dropping btw). While I just love that movie I couldn’t help but think, more than a few times, of how spot on the Galaxy Quest spoof was to the entire Star Trek franchise. After the movie ended, and I swore that I was […]