G-S-T Review…The Angel's Share

Lest anyone form an early reaction to The Angel’s Share that unfairly paints the film as a riff on Alexander Payne’s Sideways, there are two characteristics present in the former that distinguish it from the latter: social drama and a heist caper. Put another way, Ken Loach’s twenty fifth picture (and also his latest production […]

G-S-T Review…Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa, the latest and possibly most accessible picture to come from British filmmaker Sally Potter, represents a coming of age for Elle Fanning as much as it does for the character she plays. Structurally, the film is pretty standard stuff; as the Ginger of the title, Fanning confronts or falls into situations beyond […]

G-S-T Review…The Sweeney

Gritty cop yarns aren’t what they used to be, literally. Nearly forty years ago, the notion of depicting law enforcers as imperfect was almost unthinkable, but fast forward to now and that’s suddenly become the standard. That’s the expectation. Police procedural stories no longer demand that their central characters be squeaky clean and pure to […]

Sweet Trailer…'Trance'

I have a feeling deep in my gut that Trance— Danny Boyle’s follow up to 2010’s 127 Hours— inevitably will draw a lot of comparisons to another trippy, mind-bending film about theft, reality, deception, and the nature of memory by a certain well-liked British filmmaker. But Boyle isn’t Christopher Nolan; he never has been and […]

G-S-T Review…Pusher

After seeing Pusher, the British remake of G-S-T favorite Nicholas Winding Refn’s 1996 debut feature of the same name, I’m still struggling with questions about the cinematic space it ultimately occupies. None of them, mind you, are germane to discussions of the film’s quality which is respectable, so in the end I’m probably just navel […]