Sweet Teaser Trailer…'Django Unchained'

Yesterday was a big day for trailers as we saw the Disney answer to a Pixar film, a new Robert Zmeckis film, and the latest awesome offering from one Quentin Tarantino. Well after much anticipation and some highs and lows of the casting process comes the first trailer for what looks like another QT classic. […]

Ohhh, Look…THR's Award Season Roundtable Series

2011 has been a banner year full of fantastic films both great and small. While we do our very best to give you the highs and lows of the good and bad out there we’ve still only managed to see a fraction of the noteworthy films this year….and it’s not from a lack of trying […]

Random Film Thought of the Day…03.29.10

This is an interesting way to start off the work week. It was just about 1 month ago when the 82nd Academy Awards came to a close and we began our Monday blogging and gossiping about what went on the night before. One of the best parts of the evening, although it was a surprise to no one, […]

The 82nd Academy Awards: Na'vi for "Suck it, Cameron"

Well boy was I very very impressed with the Oscars last night. While I’m not going to do a very thorough recap of the Oscar, I’ll simply say that they again were an amazing success. Following a similar path to the look and feel of last year’s show (hosted by master-classman Hugh Jackman), the 82nd […]