Official Sneak Peek of IFC Midnight’s ‘Relic’

Hey all, hope you’re happy and healthy in week 3,482 of the lock down. At times like this, we’re so glad we have movies to keep us distracted, entertained, or whatever they do for us. And on that note, the GST team is excited about the writer/director Natalie Erika James’ unforgettable and auspicious feature debut […]

Ohhh, Look…First 12 Minutes of Indie Flick 'Sound Of My Voice' – UPDATED

On Tuesday Fox Searchlight offered the first 2 minutes of their creepy new film Sound of My Voice and some of you probably wondered what about 120 seconds of footage was worth posting. Well first off, it was void of any credits so it was a full 2 minutes of material. Beyond that, it was […]