Sweet Trailer…’Killing Gunther’

These days, we don’t really post trailers. But once in a while, something drops that is too good to pass up. Case in point, the hilarious-looking preview for the upcoming action comedy, Killing Gunther, starring former Mr. Universe, The Governator himself, the one and only Ah-nuld. Much in the same way Behind the Mask: The […]

G-S-T Review…Delivery Man

Delivery Man is a new movie starring Vince Vaughn as a middle aged slacker. For those of you familiar with Vince Vaughn’s work, you generally have a good idea of what to expect. Most of the time his movies are either hit or miss. He plays a very distinct slacker role in most of his […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Avengers' Super Bowl TV Spot

The Avengers has been a long time coming with 6, count em, 6 films (4 origin stories, 1 sequel and 1 reboot) leading up to Joss Whedon’s highly  anticipated ensemble action flick. Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Hulk are all that stands between Loki and the certain annihilation of Earth. Sure he’s got an […]