G-S-T Review…Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Writer/director David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is a simple enough story that speaks volumes. Further, it carries a lot of weight even if nothing particularly dramatic seems to be going on. And that’s the point. It’s part art piece, part love story, and though Lowery’s narrative is understated, it is simply stunning. From the cast, […]

Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Writer/Director David Lowery on ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’

In our last Home Grown Texas Talent interview (HGTT for short) we talked with local writer/director Derek Presley about his work and his latest short film which was screened at the Festival de Cannes. Today we speak with another talented individual whose passion for shorts and a focused narrative has made him an overnight sensation […]

[OCFF Interview]….’Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ Director David Lowery

This past weekend Dallas welcomed the 2nd Annual Oak Cliff Film Festival to the neighborhood, and with it, a special double feature event with local filmmaker David Lowery in attendance. Lowery introduced director Robert Altman’s Repertory film, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, followed by a “secret screening” that turned out to be Lowery’s latest feature film, Ain’t […]

[DIFF Interview]…’PIT STOP’ Writer/Director Yen Tan

Gabe (Bill Heck) struggles with his identity as a gay man living in a small, rural Texas town, finding comfort in his relationship with ex-wife Shannon (Amy Seimetz) after his recent breakup. Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) is also plagued with the demons of a failing relationship, as he is simultaneously forced to deal with another past […]